Al Safwa Mubasher Takes Its First Step Towards “Investment Management” License

Sunday, April 14, 2019
  • The decision was part of the company’s strategy to expand its services for the clients.
    • The addition of “Investment Management” services will allow the company to target a new segment of clients.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 14, 2019: Al Safwa Mubasher has announced its applying to the Securities and Commodities Authority (ESCA) for “Investment Management” license in response to the Road Map, which aims to level up the local markets to be on the same level of developed markets by number priorities and initiatives, including that the market will include integrated financial brokerage firms.

The announcement comes as part of the company’s strategy to expand by all means, either by taking the lead or responding to the market regulators’ initiative. As to develop and add services to existing clients and attract potential clients whom have different investment orientations through offering them an integrated brokerage firm.

Ehab Rashad, CEO of Al Safwa Mubasher, said: “We have applied to the Securities and Commodities Authority (ESCA) for an “Investment Management” license and we hope to get the approval as soon as possible to start marketing this service to our current and potential clients, as we already have a full conception and marketing plan to attract them to this service. ”
“We also rely heavily on the expertise of the company’s calibers to play an effective role in use this service to maximize the profits of the clients and the company.

In parallel with this move, we are adding other activities and services that will gain us strong competitive advantages in the UAE markets.

We appreciate ESCA’s efforts in supporting brokerage firms and their role in reviewing, supervising and following up the implementation of legislations in the market, which guides the behavior of industry partners and stakeholders to achieve the desired results and encourages sustainable investment in all its initiatives.”, Rashad added.