Al Safwa Mubasher Launches Single Stock Futures Trading at NASDAQ Dubai

Thursday, January 17, 2019
  • The company offers a unique opportunity for its clients at the beginning of the year to lead the trading on Single Stock Futures contracts on the listed companies in the Saudi market.
  • The companies selected to trade on their shares are the largest companies participating in the Saudi capital markets.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 9, 2019: Al Safwa Mubasher has announced that it will be offer trading on Single Stock Futures of a selected group of major Saudi companies at NASDAQ Dubai, which are always on the radar of local and international investors.

This announcement allows many benefits which are associated with the new product – Single Stock Futures – to be trading as leverage, giving the investor a higher investment efficiency than its conventional counterpart. The product also offers the ability of shortselling to gain profits if the market falls, not to mention the effectiveness of the product in hedging the risk of market’s fluctuations, which is a direct benefit to both, Portfolio Managers and Investors.

Ehab Rashad, CEO of Al Safwa Mubasher, said: ” The launch of a new and promising product at the beginning of the year crystallizes the company’s efforts and keenness to start the year from the first day at an accelerated pace to maintain its position at its clients and attract more potential investors seeking investment products and services that fit their vision of maximizing the benefit of the market whatever the situation.”

“Trading fees on Single Stock Futures contracts charges less than stocks, giving investors an incentive to trade on the new product, but at the same time trading on stocks remains the core of the market, so, we, at Al Safwa Mubasher, are optimistic about this new product, which is the first of many products and services we are launching successively to our clients, so that they can effectively and unprecedentedly trade among all regional markets to continue achieving a vision of sustainabile leading that we have always been keen on. “, Rashad added.