Al Safwa Mubasher Fulfills the Membership Requirements of DGCX

Tuesday, December 18, 2018
  • Adding new market for clients to increase their investment opportunities and ability to diversify risks.
  • The company continues to provide several markets and investment tools to its clients during the coming year.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 18, 2018: Al Safwa Mubasher has announced that it has fulfilled the requirements of DGCX, the Middle East’s leading commodity exchange, to be one step away from the formal listing at Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange official brokers.

This announcement comes in the light of the company’s strategic vision to empower its clients by providing them the largest number of diversified markets and investment tools, which contribute to achieve the highest profitability by capturing investment opportunities simultaneously from different markets.

Ehab Rashad, CEO of Al Safwa Mubasher, said: “After examining the terms and conditions for listing at DGCX, we have been keen for the last few months to fulfill them before the new year, and that is what happened. We are waiting for the license from the Securities and Commodities Authority, so we can add this new investment channel to our clients. ”

“In the global cautious environment concerning equities and bonds, commodities are becoming a favorable choice within the upcoming period, metals, hydrocarbons, currencies and options, we can offer new markets to our clients through the gate of Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX).

Also, we are working in parallel with this step to add new investment tools that will be available to our clients early next year.”, Rashad added.