ADX adjusting the tick size for company shares worth less than Dh1

Based on a circular number (5/2018) issued by Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), we would like to inform you that the current tick size used for ADX listed company shares worth less than Dh1 would be amended starting 2nd September 2018. In addition the currently implemented three- tick size categories will be increased to five categories starting the same date.

The newly implemented tick size categories which will take effect on 2nd of September 2018 will be as follows:

Tick size (AED) Price Range
Minimum price Range Maximum price range
0.001 AED 0.1 AED 0.99 AED
0.01 AED 1 AED 9.99 AED
0.02 AED 10 AED 49.98 AED
0.05 AED 50 AED 99.95 AED
0.10 AED 100 AED And above