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Why trade with Al Safwa Mubasher

Empowering you through your road to success

Al Safwa Mubasher provides world class service, putting at your fingertip all the necessary ingredients to financial success. Al Safwa Mubasher delivers state-of-the-art platforms and will ensure you have everything you need to do better.

Seven day trading

1. Direct to the exchange

Our objective is to provide you with the most sophisticated order placing capabilities. In markets that face a high trading activity, time is of the essence. We therefore ensure that your orders are executed quickly and at the best available price by placing orders directly to the market.

2. Multiple trading platforms

Al Safwa Mubasher is a pioneer in financial technology and has been a regional leader in providing essential tools for investors for over a decade. Al Safwa Mubasher has played a key role in helping the regional markets to be transparent and efficient through its wide range of trading platforms.Click here for more

3. Professional trading tools

At Al Safwa Mubasher, our mission is simple: to make investors like you stronger and more empowered. We have therefore developed a suite of tools to help you optimize every trade you place.

4. Powerful dealer room

You prefer talking directly to an individual? Al Safwa Mubasher dealer room is comprised of experienced and licensed brokers, ready to route your orders through our advanced order management systems.Contact us to learn more

5. Research & Analysis

Al Safwa Mubasher Research has dedicated and experienced analysts watching the worldwide markets and delivering periodic research through our portal. Open an account today and benefit from the extensive news and research material available at your fingertip 24/7.

6. Outstanding customer service

Al Safwa Mubasher call center strives to offer you dedicated support throughout your journey with us. Need personalized support with our platforms? Looking to follow up on an email or fax you sent? Contact us to learn more

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